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Learn to Pray Effectively, No. 9

The great apostle Paul, who was caught up into heaven, who wrote part of the Bible, asked God to remove his "infirmity" and God said no but I will give you grace for it 1 Cr. 12:1-10.

Jabez, unknown and unheralded, asked for four big time requests and "God granted him his requests" 1 Chron. 4:10. Doesn't it make sense for us to ask for the same things today? I caught this four years ago and am staggered at what God is doing in answer to asking for these same requests. God is still granting these requests to those who "keep on asking" as the two parables on prayer teach in Luke 11& 18. 

Jabez prayed, "O that thou wouldest bless me indeed." This is not just to have a warm fuzzy feeling but to see the goodness of God. "How much more shall your Father; give good things, (not lavish and luxurious things, not prosperity theology) to them that ask Him." (Matt. 7:11). Remember Jacob, the "cheater," who stole Esau's birthright and blessing, got his heart right, wrestled with the angel and would not let go, "except thou bless me." (Gen 32:24ff). Was he ever blessed! Even his name was changed from Jacob, "cheater", to "Israel, a prince with God."

Multitudes are asking God to "bless them indeed," "daily" (Mat 6:11) and seeing God bless beyond anything they have seen before. Oh, dear people, add thus to your "daily" prayer list and see what God does. "Keep on asking" and in a few months it will amaze you at what God does. Write and tell me what happens. Please don't stay in the crowd, who "have not because you ask not." God loves you and so do I, all because of Calvary, sumner

"Father, Oh that you would indeed bless the one reading this beyond anything they could imagine, for your glory. Give them a good day and the joy of sharing the gospel with someone if only through a gospel tract. In Jesus name, Amen"


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