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Learn to Pray Effectively, No 1

There are two parables on prayer. In Luke 11 we have the man who came to his friend at midnight, asking for three loaves to feed a friend who had come to his house. The friend inside refused telling him it was midnight, he and his family were all in bed. The man would not give up but kept on knocking until his friend inside got up and gave him what he came for.

The primary lesson is to "keep on asking." It says because of his "importunity" he got what he wanted. The Greek word means "shameless persistence." What do we usually do? We ask for something for a week or two and then forget it or give up or just quit and that is where we miss it. God teaches we are to "keep on asking." We will see this over and over in the Bible. This is a short term asking.

In the parable in Luke 18 we will see a long term asking. I prayed for my father for 35 years before he got saved. Some are short term requests and some are for the long haul. The key is to "keep on asking" and not give up.


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