Wonders of Creation - Origin of Life
Contributed by Richard Gunther

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Where did life come from? There are only two main views: the Biblical (Creationist) view and the ‘natural’ view (Naturalism or Evolutionism). The Biblical explanation describes just the ‘bare bones’ of the event. God spoke and life appeared. The naturalist explanation is a long-winded theory with many variations, many assumptions, many leaps of faith, and absolutely no evidence.

It is universally agreed today by all mainstream scientists that life comes only from life. It was once thought that flies were spontaneously generated by dead meat, but observations soon proved that flies come only from flies. This of course begs the question as to where the first flies came from, but the naturalist leaps in here and says ‘first life’ came from non-living chemicals, and that eventually out of that flies formed millions of years later. Just how this happened is never convincingly explained.

Francis Crick, an evolutionist who shared a Nobel prize for discovering the structure of DNA could not believe in spontaneous generation of ‘first life’ on Earth, so he proposed that life came to Earth from outer space – but this only shifted the problem one step further away. How did ‘first life’ appear somewhere else? There is no known mechanism in chemistry whereby non-living elements can form a living cell here on Earth, so why should it be more likely elsewhere in the universe?

Despite the total lack of any evidence, or experiments which explain how life came from non-life, many scientists persist in teaching evolution as if it were a proven fact. But while with their heads they may assent to the theory, with their hearts they contradict it. As Einstein said, scientists’ feelings sometimes “take the form of rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”

Scientists once thought the cell was very simple, but now they have to admit it is the most complex machine known in the universe. Discoveries springing from living cells have stunned and bewildered those who have searched, yet despite the obvious evidence – that cells could never form by accident – many of these same scientists continue to repeat the puerile and nonsensical dogma, that cells are an accident.

There is nothing living on Earth which did not come from previous life, and since the origin of the first parents cannot be pushed back infinitely, there had to be a beginning. Science tells us life is too complex to have arisen by chance. We are left with only one conclusion – that life is no accident.

What evolutionists usually do is present some good science, and ‘true facts’, but then add their philosophical interpretation of it, twisting what seems to be a straightforward discovery, into a piece of propaganda. A good case in point is the way a few bones which look like ape or human bones, are interpreted to be those of a subhuman. The bones themselves are either those of an ape or a human, but the interpretation is based on a preconceived theory. Because many scientists believe humans evolved from apes, any bones which look similar to either are immediately used to promote a biased ideology. A creationist looks at the exact same bones and sees either ape or human bones – but never interprets them to prove a subhuman species. There is no such thing as a subhuman – hybrid ape/man. There never was, and there never will be.

Imagine the evolution-believing scientist on a hike through the hills. Each hill represents a major discovery in his scientific investigation, and the further he travels, the more amazed he becomes by the complexity and inherent design he finds. He is forced into the position of having to aggressively defend evolution, because he strongly desires it to be correct, yet all the evidence he finds points the other way. Finally he climbs the last hill, and there at the end of the trail is a Bible, opened at Genesis 1:1. The origin of life, after all his years of toil is creation. Why didn’t he admit this when he was young?

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