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Learn to Pray Effectively, No. 7

Pray, "what will You have me to do?" When Paul met the Lord Jesus on the Damascus road, he prayed one of the greatest prayers you can every pray. He said, "Lord, what will you have me to do?" Acts 9:6. Get your orders of the day from the Commander in Chief every day. Pray and meditate on this for a few minutes and it will amaze you how God will bring things to your mind that you should do.

Pray and meditate on what you can do to please Him today. This has become one of the sweetest times of prayer for me. Oh, I long to put a smile on His face. I long to please Him. Jesus said, "I do always those things that please Him" John 8:29. The reason He could say this is that "even Christ pleased not himself" Rom 15:3. He is so wonderful. "Jesus is the sweetest name I know" BY FAR! Praying this astounds me how God brings things to my mind to please Him. Oh what ecstasy it is to please Him.

Oh dear people, let's make this a prime prayer of our life. Remember, God loves you and so do I, all because of Calvary, sumner


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