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The Harvest is Plentiful
Here is a key to harvesting...

"The real tragedy of life is not what people suffer but what they miss" I almost missed this one. Talking to a dear pastor friend in another state last week, I mentioned I had not led anyone to Christ personally in two or three weeks. He had not either and we prayed together about it. I prayed about it earnestly all last week end that I might have the joy of leading someone to Christ. . Monday, my wife had to go to the eye doctor clinic for a check up. I did not want to go and she agreed I did not have to go with her as it was routine. Last night, I woke up at 4 a.m. and had a weird feeling that I should go to the eye doctor with her and decided to go.

We went this morning. While she was having a test, I looked at a display in the big clinic waiting room, right next to the prescription glasses area. The lady in charge of that area, came to me and asked if she could help me. We talked a minute and I graciously handed her my tract, "Your Ticket to Heaven." She grabbed it and said, "Oh, I need that." My reply was, "We all do."

When I asked if she knew for sure when was going to heaven, she said, "I have been seeking to know for sure I was going and been going to church regularly. Joyfully I told her how God loved her and the Lord Jesus suffered and died for all of our sins, paid the debt in full, was buried, rose again and was seen by hundreds of people. The whole issue is did He pay for all of our sins or didn't he. It was awesome, she saw it and said, "I never heard it like that before". And the sad truth is most have not heard the gospel clearly. She understood it was not anything we do but that we trust what the Lord Jesus did and that He really did pay for all of our sins and rose again.

I saw an engagement ring on her finger and said, "You are not married for one reason, you have not said, "I do take this man to be my husband," She understood that. "Are you willing to trust Jesus paid for your sins and say, I do receive you as my Savior right now" Yes, said, "I want to do that".

She gladly prayed with me to receive the Lord Jesus and looked up with the biggest smile and her eyes glowing and had assurance when was saved. My wife came up about that time and she was beaming all over as she told Celeste, I just prayed to receive Jesus and just got saved." Then I gave her my book, "How ON Earth Can I Be Spiritual" and instructions for spiritual growth.

First I prayed to see someone saved, I followed the Holy Spirit's urging to go with my wife. God had someone ready. I obeyed God to give her the gospel, first in a tract and then with my mouth. God orchestrated it all and He gets all the glory. "The harvest is plenteous". Pray and present the gospel to someone today, in fact every day, and see what God wants to do through you.

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