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"Pray for all men... who will have all men to be saved"


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Someone May Be Praying for Your Next Devine Appointment

A hall of famer, an all star, and a MVP, he had been all of these. As I looked at him I could hardly believe my eyes for we were standing next to each other in a strange airport. With my best smile I said, "Pardon me but aren't you...", and I called his name. With his own warm smile he said, "Yes. I am and who are you". With a name like Sumner Wemp, you do not expect people to remember your name. When I introduced myself he said, "Well Sumner, how are you?" I was shocked that he called me by my name.

We had a very friendly conversation, he was most gracious. It was almost time to board our plane and I kindly handed him a gospel tract. Immediately he said "I'll read this" and they began boarding the plane. What a surprise to find we were assigned seats next to each other. I knew God did that.
I continued our conversation and he finally asked what the tract was all about. I said, "It just tells you how to go to heaven" he shot back and said, "Oh my, my mother is a godly woman and has been after me for years to get saved". I knew right then that God was about to answer the prayers of a godly mother. God had caused us to meet and then to be assigned seats next to each other. What a divine appointment and awesome responsibility.

Graciously I told him how God loves us and how the Lord Jesus suffered and died for all our sins, paid our debt in full and rose again. After carefully presenting the gospel I asked, "Does that make sense". He replied, "It sure does". To continue I said, "Are you ready to receive the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior right now." Coming right back he answered, "Yes, Sumner, I am ready". He prayed out loud with me to receive the Lord Jesus. What a joy that was. Then he said, "This is an answer to my dear mothers prayer, wait until I tell he I am now saved".

It was a thrill to be the instrument used to see a godly mothers prayers answered. There are multitudes out there for whom some godly person is praying. What a tragedy if we do not take advantage of every personal contact to try to win them to Christ.

You have someone you are pleading for God to save. Would it not hurt you to know some Christian was speaking with them but never even tried to get the gospel to them? This is reality. This is why we must share the gospel with everyone we have a moment or two of verbal contact.

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