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Never Leave Home Without It

It is amazing how God saw to it that when they invented men's shirts they put a tract rack, a pocket, right in front. You should never leave home without them, in your tract rack or in your purse. Tracts are such a great tool to plant the gospel, give them a chance to go to heaven and to open the door to share the gospel and lead them to Christ.

Never be rude or crude but give then out graciously. Most people respond the way we approach them. One of the most thrilling times was when I graciously handed a lady a tract and she said, "That's funny someone gave me one of those a week ago and I read it." When I asked is she had thought much about it. She burst into tears and said, that is all I have been able to think about all week long. She was so ready, anyone could have told her how God loved her and His Son suffered and died for her sins and was raised from the dead so she could go to heaven. She prayed to receive the Lord Jesus and later taught a Sunday School class. The man who gave her the first tract wont know it until he gets to heaven and gets a crown of reward.

Recently I gave a security guard the tract, "Your Ticket to Heaven." He said, you gave me that one last week. I am going to get that ticket one of these days." I said , "Ken, you read how God loved you and the Lord Jesus suffered and died for your sins, paid the debt in full and rose again. Why don't you do it right now?" You can never give the gospel too often to make sure they know what they are doing. Without a word he began to pray out loud, "Dear God, I want to accept the Lord Jesus as my savior." I led him to pray, "I believe He suffered and died for my sins, paid my debt in full and rose again." Ken look up at me with his face glowing and said, "I needed that." That is what life is all about.

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