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A pastor wrote me this week and said he wanted to be an effective soul winner and asked if I had some thoughts about how to become a soul winner and what I did.

Yes, I have a few thoughts.

1. I really believe God, "The harvest in plenteous" Matt 9:37. "Belief determines behavior". Most don't really believe the harvest in plenteous. Sad but true.

2. I believe God, that I am to "preach the gospel to EVERY creature." We will never become perfect at it but if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time

3. I pray for souls EVERY morning. He does answer prayer and that is the reason I see souls saved. "Ye have not because ye ask not" is a major reason many do not see people saved.

4. No one wants to "pick green fruit" as you said. I just look for the ones God has ready. I try to knock at every door I have those few minutes with a person alone especially. I NEVER push or try to talk people into being saved. YOU CAN'T DO IT.

5. Some times all you can do is give them a tract but they then have a chance to go to heaven. To a clerk etc I often say as I hand them a tract, "You will like this it just tells you how to go to heaven." It is astounding how this gets across and often leads into presenting the gospel.

6. The closer you are to people the slower you can be. I have some neighbors I have worked on for years. You own relatives, for instance, but don't you wish like the rich man in hell that someone would witness to your realties when they cross their paths?

7. RELAX, just plant seed and watch God work and you pick will fruit too.

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