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We have a beautiful manger scene in our front yard with 4 feet high characters with lights inside each. Over the manger is a sign that says, "Wise men still seek Him" On the gable of our house is a lighted cross with a sign saying, "Who died for our sins and arose." In the yard opposite the manger scene is a 4' by 6' picture of Christ in the clouds with a sign saying, "And is coming again." Then we have a neon sign saying "Happy Birthday Jesus." Scores stop and look at it on our very busy street.

While we were still working on it, a car went by, then made a U turn and stopped in front of our house. A lady and her daughter got out and said, "You have the prettiest yard of anyone." When I asked if they knew for sure they were going to heaven, neither did. What a joy we had to use the Evangecube and lead both of them to Christ. They just hugged us and thanked us with the joy of the Lord filling their hearts. I gave them a copy of my book, "How on Earth Can I Be Spiritual" to help them grow and they left.

About an hour later, a 35 year old man came slowly walking along. He stopped and looked. He too did not know if he was going to heaven. Then he said, "I don't know what in the world I am doing walking down this street. I don't live out here and was at a friend's house and just decided to take a walk and here I am." What a thrill to lead him to Christ with the cube. We both knew then why he was here.

In three weeks we have saw nine people pray to receive the Lord Jesus in our front yard. Two others were not ready and went away without Christ. The last one may have been the most amazing. A fellow was ambling along and stopped. He had each ear pierced with two good sized diamonds. He did not have a clue whether he was going to heaven or not. When I carefully gave him the gospel, using the Evangecube, God opened his eyes and he understood that Christ really suffered and died for his sins too and rose again. He gladly prayed out loud with me to receive the Lord Jesus. My wife came out and he told her he had just received the Lord Jesus as his Savior. THEN, we found out he was a nationally known "rapper" and was surprised I had not seen him on television and did not know him. The best part is, he now knows the Lord Jesus. He promised to read my book that I gave him and said, "I want to come back and see you some more." Pray for him. The potential of this divine appointment is awesome.

"The harvest truly is plenteous." We must pray for God to use us to win lost people. Then, we must obey God to share the gospel and get in on it "by all means."

We minister to thousands of people in over 40 countries via email Mon/Wed/Fri with encouraging and teaching emails. We would love to have you join our "family."

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