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The Awesome Joy of Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel with the EvangeCube

What Compels Us To Witness


Sometime ago I led one of my doctors to Christ right in his office. It was awesome. God had him so ready and that is the key, just look for the ones God has ready. Two months later I was back to see him and he said, "I can't get over the change that has taken place in my life." GOD DID THAT. That is how we change the world.

Celeste and I went out to eat the night of our anniversary and had the joy of leading the waitress to Christ with the EvangeCube. God had her heart so prepared and she prayed out loud with us to receive the Lord Jesus. What a joy to end our anniversary day that way. "The harvest truly is plenteous."

Oh, dear people, we must obey God like Peter did when he said, "At Thy word, I will" Luke 5:5. And "preach the gospel to every creature" Mark 16:15 for there are people all over the place that God has ready if we will just lovingly tell them the good news, that Christ died for their sins and rose again. There is a multitude like that woman at the well to whom Jesus said, "If you only knew the gift of God" John 4:10. She received that gift and brought a whole city to Christ. Let's tell them, shall we?

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