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Yesterday and today I had two fabulous times sharing the gospel but different. Yesterday I went out to eat and was seated by a waitress before my wife arrived. As usual I gave the waitress the tract, "Amazing Grace." She flipped when she saw the tract and said she couldn't wait to read it. They weren't busy yet so I asked her if she had seen the EvangeCube. Her eyes lit up when she saw the cube. I am not sure if she was already saved or not but she got real assurance of salvation. Then she told me she was a preachers daughter but had not been going to church for some time because of work. She thanked me over and over and said, "God sent you to me today." That is sheer joy.

Then just thirty minutes ago an air conditioner repairman left after fixing our air conditioner that went out last night when we suffered through the 90 plus heat without any air! During a 15 minute break when he let the air conditioner run to check something out, I shared the gospel with him using the EvangeCube. He gave a clear testimony that he knew the Lord. Then I gave him my book, "How On Earth Can I Be Spiritual" and shared some spiritual things with him. First he just beamed and then almost wept as he shared how he felt someone was going to be a blessing to him this very day and he said in so many words, "God sent you to me today." As he was leaving, his eyes filled up and he shook my hand over and over and thanked me over and over for being such a blessing to him.

Oh, dear people, we may not see someone saved as we share the gospel but we will be overwhelmed when God puts us in the path of someone who needs a fresh touch from the Lord. "People Need The Lord" as the song says and what a joy when we can share with those who are saved and see them drawn afresh to the dear Lord.


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