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Often as I ministered and had to drive to some town to preach, I would get a preacher boy to go with me and drive for me. Coming back to school, I was in the back seat asleep. At one a.m. Chris woke me up and said, "I hate to wake you up but we are about out of gas and I have been looking for a station for an hour." We were in the middle of nowhere. The gauge was below the E line. I said, "We are to watch and pray. Chris you watch and I will pray." Like Peter, I cried, "Lord help us find a station, in Jesus name, amen." Just then coming around a big curve there was a one horse service station with two pumps, no name and one little light bulb.

Chris pulled in, filled the tank and I went in to pay. As always, I graciously hand the man a gospel tract when I paid. He blurted out, "Where in the world have you been I have been trying to get saved for three weeks. Tell me what to do." God had him so ready. Anyone could have led him to Christ. I told him how God loved him and sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to suffer and die for his sins, paid the debt in full, rose again and was seen alive by hundreds of people." It was awesome. He said, "I never heard it like that before." He gladly prayed with me to receive the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior and God gave him assurance he was now saved.

When I asked if he could tell Chris what he had just done. He gladly consented.

Without hesitation he said, "I just got saved." Chris hugged him and we were all rejoicing when another car pulled up. He said, "Wait just a minute" and stepped over to the other car. The man in the car said, "Bill what are you doing out here." Bill said, "Oh, I don't work here. Joe just asked if I could fill in for him tonight is why I am here." Chris and I almost burst into tears as we realized how God had orchestrated the whole evening for just one man to get saved. God did it. That is the awesome joy of sharing the gospel. We can change the world, one soul at a time.

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