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My wife and I have been in over 70 countries. It has been my joy to preach through interpreters many times. Last week I had a new one. I was asked to speak to about 20 employees my pet message on financial freedom. About eight were Hispanics who did not speak English and so we had an interpreter so they could hear and understand.

I spoke about praying what Jesus taught the disciples when they asked him, "Teach us to pray" Luke 11:1. Jesus taught, "When you pray, say, give us this day our daily bread (needs)." We were taught to "ask" Him for our daily needs, EVERY DAY. My wife and I have done this for over 25 years now and have not had one financial crisis or crunch after asking for over 8,000 times.

It was beautiful to see how they were catching it. Those who understood English as well were nodding that they got it. Then I pointed out that we are to begin by saying. "Our Father." It was so simple and easy to tell that He must be "Our Father" for us to ask Him for anything. To become our Father, we must believe Him that the Lord Jesus suffered and died on the cross for our sins, paid our debt in full, rose again and was seen by hundreds. When we trust He died for our sins and receive Him into our heart as our personal Savior, God give us a new birth and we are then "born again" children of God. God was so good. I had unusual liberty and they were catching it.

I asked them to bow their heads and if they had never understood this and never received the Lord Jesus to "call on the name of the Lord" and tell Him you want to receive the Lord Jesus and I led them in what to pray and said, "If you prayed to receive the Lord Jesus and trust God you are now saved look up at me and let me know that right now. One dear lady, almost burst into tears as she looked up and nodded she had just received the Lord Jesus. What a joy.

Oh, dear people, we must "redeem the time" and buy up every opportunity to get the gospel to people and get people to the gospel and the Lord Jesus. All because of Calvary, C, Sumner Wemp

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