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It's All Worth It

Years ago, I left a good gospel tract with a lady who had visited our church on Sunday and I visited her that week as I always did with visitors. She was not saved. The next morning my phone rang at seven. She blurted out. "I woke up at four this morning so under conviction, I got up read the tract four times, got on my knees and accepted Christ."  She came and openly confessed Christ as her Savior, joined our church and went on following the Lord.

If no one else, out of the thousands of tracts I have given out, ever got saved, you and I know it has been worth it all. Dear people, we must walk by faith and obey God to get the gospel to "every" person we can. At the judgment seat of Christ we will all be shocked and rejoice in seeing souls who were saved because we gave them a tract. Give out tracts. Give to everyone you can a chance to go to heaven. Make sense?

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