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There Are So Many Ready!

While in the hospital, I saw a nurse I had the joy of leading to Christ about two years ago. What a joy to see her still radiating for Christ and telling me the joy she is having as a Christian. Phil 1:6 is still true.

Today, I was at the dentists getting two teeth filled. During a break as the dentist stepped out of the room, I had the joy of telling her intern dentist collage girl the gospel to know for sure she was going to heaven. She did not know when I asked her. In just those few minutes God opened her eyes and she prayed with me to receive the Lord Jesus. Oh dear people, "The harvest is plenteous." We CAN change the world for God and good by just obeying God and giving the gospel even in those few minutes. I LOVE YOU and long for everyone to have that unspeakable joy of seeing people born of God right before you eyes. That is big time. They are going to heaven instead of hell. NOTHING COMPARES WITH THAT!

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