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During the Christmas season, my yard is decorated with a manger scene with four feet high figures of Joseph, Mary, three wise men, a shepherd, camels, sheep and a donkey. Then I have a cross on the front of the house and a beautiful picture of Christ coming in the clouds on the other side of my yard. People stop to look at them all the time. It opens doors to share the gospel. Last year, ten people prayed with me to receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior too.

This year, I was in the yard and a fellow who was jogging stopped to tell how he liked the decorations. I thanked him and graciously gave him a tract. He said, "O, you talked to me a couple of weeks ago." Suddenly I recognized him, and asked, "If you died right now and went up the gates of heaven and they asked, Why should we let you in, what would you tell them?" That is the best question I have ever found to ask. Never ask, "Are you a Christian?" That is bad. All members of churches, even of cult churches, will, say they are.

He said, "I am doing all I can to get there." What a joy to tell him how the Lord Jesus suffered and died for our sins, paid our debt in full, rose again and was seen by hundreds. "Ken, the whole issue is, did the Lord Jesus, the sinless Son of the living God, suffer and die for our sins or didn't He. Did He pay the debt of sin in full or not?" It was beautiful, He paused a minute and then burst out, "Yes, He did, I see that" and his face just beamed.

Once again, I asked if he got to the gates of heaven, and they asked, "Why should we let you in, what would you say." With his face just glowing, he said, "Jesus died for my sins, paid my debt and I believe that is why I should go to heaven." It was awesome, Ken got saved right then and there and knew for sure he was going to heaven. GOD DID THAT.

O dear people, "by all means" we should share the gospel with "every creature" like God told us in Mark 16:15. We can do more to change the world than all the laws every made and you know that is true. In 2008 let's do more than ever before to win people to Christ. "The harvest in plenteous, but the laborers are few." Will you be a good laborer this year?

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