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The Gospel, The Good News

"I declare unto you the gospel, how that Christ died for our sins...and that he was buried and that he rose again and was seen of above five hundred brethren" 1 Cor 15:1-4. Learn to be discerning but not divisive. WE MUST realize the unsaved world does not know the gospel! Sadly, most Christians don't either or don't tell it like it is. Often people and preachers say, "Christ died on the cross" and think they had given the gospel. No, those two thieves died on a cross too. The good news is "Christ died for our sins!". Many will say, "Christ died for us" and feel they have given the gospel. No, those soldiers are dying for us but only Christ "died for our sins" and that is the whole issue, the good news.

John 3:16.
Please think with me. People often say this is the greatest gospel verse in the Bible. This verse does not give the gospel. This was given before Jesus suffered and died for our sins. THINK, that lost man does not have a clue what it means that God "gave his only begotten son" if someone has not already told him. Christians quote John 3:16 so glibly to the lost world and think, "I gave him the gospel." That man who holds up the sign at the football games with "John 3:16" on it, surely thinks he is getting the gospel to all the world! We need to be "wise as serpents" God says.

At 17 years of age, I had never once heard that God loved me (how we need to put that in too) and "Christ died for my sins." It blew my mind and I got saved because of hearing that good news, 66 years ago and I haven't gotten over it yet.

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