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Lets Go Fishing in the Church Pond
Mark 1:16-20

Introduction: Every Christian who follows Jesus, He will make you "fishers of men"

1. The plea of Jesus----follow me...verse 17. He did not say read your Bible more or go to church more or pray harder or do more. He said follow me

2. The promise of Jesus----I will make you fishers of men....verse 17. Again He did not say I will make you a great disciple, a great Bible student but fisher's of men.

3. The price Jesus requires---and they left their nets, obedience & commitment
It was not a one day journey. The spent the rest of their lives following and fishing

Today, the WORLD needs fishers of men, soul winners, to change the world.
"If any man be in Christ he is a new creature" the only way they will be new
creatures is if we are fishing for men, personally. PLEASE lets you and me go
fishing for men now to save our nations from total destruction.

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