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Only God Can Change a Life

It was my joy to serve on the faculty for 17 years at Liberty University. Only a couple of months after coming there, Dr. Falwell had a call from a man who was an alcoholic and ready to commit suicide. Dr. Falwell was on his way to the airport and he called my secretary and asked that I to go see the man.

When I came from teaching my class, my secretary came to me all stirred up and told me I needed to go see the man. Kiddingly I said, "I don't want to go see him, he might want to kill me too." She fired back, "You have got to go."

I went and found him as drunk as could be. He said, with a drunk man's thick tongue, "Preacher, I am drunk, my wife left me and I have a pistol in the kitchen and if somebody can't help me I am going to take my life." Did that every get my attention.

Slowly and carefully I told him how God loved him and sent the Lord Jesus to suffer and die for all his sins, paid his debt in full, rose again and was seen by hundreds of people. It did not seem to make the slightest dent in him.

After at least a half an hour of sharing the gospel, I felt helpless and cried out in my heart for God to open his eyes and save him. Then I said, "Let me pray for you." He said, with a thick tongue, "Go ahead." I knelt and said, "Father" and he blurted out, "O God, save me." I looked up and he said, as clear as any sober man, "Excuse me preacher, go ahead and pray"

When I finished a quick prayer, he said, "Preacher, I am saved." He was as sober as I was and gave every evidence he was saved. He confessed Christ publicly, was baptized at Thomas Road. He wife came back. He attended church and chapel at the college regularly. Only God can do that to a person.

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