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Beer Jacket

Let me tell you one of the most amazing stories of all times. Shortly after I went to Lynchburg Baptist College, now Liberty University, with Dr. Falwell, my wife and I were eating in a restaurant. A man came to our table with a big beer company jacket on.

He said, "Aren't you Dr. Wemp?"

I said, "Yes, what can I do for you,"

He said, "Pray for me. Last week, as I was driving my truck, Dr. Falwell was driving toward me, stuck his hand out the window and waved at me as he drove past. I wondered why in the world did he wave at me. I could not get him off my mind and so I came to church Sunday for the first time. I accepted Christ as my Savior and got saved. I can no longer deliver beer and have resigned my job. Tomorrow is my last day. Pray for me and my wife that we know what to do and that I get another job."

WOW, I could not get over how God prompted Dr. Falwell to wave at a man and he got saved. It was not long before I realized Jerry Falwell was so consumed to see people go to heaven that God used everything he did to get people to Christ.

A couple of months later, as we were registering for the next semester, Tim came up to my desk and said, "Hi, remember me?"

"Yes, I remember you, what are you doing here?" He said, "God has called me to preach, I want to come to college." He graduated and is in Christian ministry all because one man is so consumed to see people go to heaven that God used even him waving at a man to get him saved.

O dear people and pastors, we must get so burdened and serious about "catching men" that God will use everything we do to bring people to Christ.

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