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Narrow? There is no other way!

God Has People So Ready

It's All Worth It


Unsaved are suing and getting prayer out of schools etc.

"The harvest is plenteous." The lost who are open to the gospel are EVERYWHERE.  Last week I had my car serviced at the dealers. They sent a driver to pick me up and bring me to the shop to get my car. We only had a 10 minute drive. Carefully I gave him the gospel after he admitted he was not saved. God opened his eyes and heart to trust God that Christ paid his debt of sin and he prayed to receive the Lord Jesus and had assurance he was saved.

The next day a man from a florist delivered some flowers. I gave him a "Ticket to Heaven and he right away admitted he was not saved. I gave him the gospel right there at my door. God opened his eyes and he prayed to receive the Lord Jesus. It was beautiful to see him have assurance he was saved.

If everyone of us presented the gospel to people at our door, waitresses etc. we could change the world. The devil is still spreading the lie that people will be offended etc if you try to get them saved. I have seen it for years, people respond the way you approach them. Just be gracious. No one wants to go to hell they just have jot had enough to give the "full gospel, how Christ died for our sins, was buried, rose again and was seen by hundreds. If they are not ready just leave them alone. God is not kidding when He says the harvest is plenteous.

"Your ticket to Heaven" is so easy to give out and brings such a good response. Lets be as fervent to give the gospel as this lost world is to stop the gospel. Make sense?

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