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In the parable in Matthew 13 Jesus teaches so very much about witnessing. Let's learn.

A sower went forth to sow. He did not analyze the soil, check out the weather, and test the water, he sowed seed. Today we analyze the soil rather than sow the seed. We talk about the baby boomers, the X generation, the urban, the inner city, etc. My pet statement is "if you want to pick fruit you got to plant seed." We just are not planting enough seed. We have conferences, seminars, videos, books, training and what have you about witnessing but the truth is, not many are sowing seed.

A sower went forth. We put up our signs and ads and say "come and hear" and God says "go and tell." We are to go, or as the Greek says, "As you go" preach the gospel to every creature. That is a mandate not a motion to vote on or to think about whether you will or not. We are either standing on the promises or sitting on the premises. Have an all night sing and you will pack the church. Have a visitation night and precious few will come.

Some seeds fell by the wayside. A farmer does not dig an enormous hole and pour bushels of seed in one hole. He scatters the seed. Some keep sowing the seed in one hole. They are after their loved ones or some neighbor and fellow worker and pour all the seed on one or two holes. If you want someone to lead your lost loved ones to Christ in another city then you must plant some seed in someone else's loved one where you are.

The wayside. Some people will never catch on. Some will fall on deaf ears and they are never going to be saved. You never fail when you plant seeds. You only fail when you do not share the gospel. Face it, some will never be saved. Jesus had a Judas who was never saved even though he saw all the miracles and heard all the messages. Jesus did not fail and neither do you when you share the gospel.

Some fell on stony ground and some among thorns. There are many with hard hearts, closed minds and cluttered lives who will not respond. That does not matter, a sower must keep on sowing seed. "Be not weary in well doing, (sowing seeds) in due season we shall reap if we faint not" (Gal 6:9). Now that is a promise. Dear friend, this is not to boast but to share a secret of winning the lost. I have been sowing seeds for 59 years and have never stopped. Yes, it would be easy to quit when you do not see any results over a period of time but you must not.

Some fell on good ground and brought forth fruit. Jesus said, "The harvest is plenteous." The key is, "He that sows sparingly shall reap sparingly and he that sows bountifully shall reap bountifully." It is as simple as that. People have often said, Wemp, you are a great or good soul-winner." NO, I just plant more seeds than most and please, that is not to boast but to explain the truth about sowing and reaping. A good gospel tract is a great way to plant seeds and you will find over and over how God will bring someone your way who whose heart he has already prepared as Lydia in Acts 16.

Some produced 30 fold, some 60 and some 100. This helped me tremendously when I caught it. We wish each person that we lead to Christ would grow to spiritual maturity and bring forth 100 fold but they just do not do it. No matter how much you "follow up" and we ought to do all we can to follow up, some will never produce but 30 fold. Some I have poured my self into just do not do much. Some people I led to Christ but did not have a chance to follow up have produced tons for the Lord. Don't take too much credit for what you do and you wont have to take too much blame for what they do not produce.

The laborers are few. Are you a laborer? Are you planting much seed? Have you won any one to Christ lately? The harvest in plenteous! Just keep sowing every day in every way. That delivery person at your door, that waitress, that clerk, that salesman are all prospects. To God be the glory, I have led many to Christ at my front door who God had ready and it was as easy as pie because God has to do it and we just have the joy of watching Him as He opens their eyes and hearts. Just keep sowing every day.

To him that hath shall be given. I have goose bumps right now just thinking about this. The context of this is that to him who has put to use what God has given him he shall have more. People who win a lot of people to Christ are simply those who have put to use what God gave them, given out tracts, shared the gospel, used every opportunity God gave them to win the lost and God gives them more. Does that make sense? 


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