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The Right House with the Wrong Address

One day someone asked me to visit a family who needed to come to church. When I arrived at the address given me, I knocked at the door. A red headed lady about 40, came to the door. "Is this Mrs. Johnson," I asked and she replied, "You have the wrong address, Mrs. Johnson lives two doors down." I apologized for bothering her and then graciously offered her a gospel tract to read. She blurted out, "That's funny." When I asked why she said that, she said, "Someone else gave me one of these about a week ago." My heart began to pound and I knew right then she was going to get saved. Then I asked if she had read it. She replied that she had. When I asked if she had thought much about what was in the tract, she burst into tears and said, "That is all I have been able to think about all week." WOW, I get goose bumps just thinking about it once again. God had her so ready that anyone could have led her to Christ.

Carefully, as always, I told her how God loved her and how the Lord Jesus had suffered and died for her sins and rose again. Step by step she acknowledge that she understood each point. By now she was bawling. When I asked if she understood how the Lord Jesus paid her debt in full and if she wanted to receive the Lord Jesus as her Savior, she answered without hesitation, "I sure would." We bowed our heads and she prayed out loud with me to receive the Lord as her Savior. She gladly confessed Christ as her Savior, was baptized and taught Sunday School later on.

Now, what is exciting is that the person who gave he the first tract won't know it until he gets to heaven, how God used his tract to get Mrs. Parker saved. He has a ton of rewards awaiting him in heaven. Also what is so thrilling is how God got me to the right house with the wrong address to get that lady saved.

Oh, how we ought to get the gospel to EVERY person with whom we have a moment of contact. Tracts are the greatest tool, I know, to plant the seed in a persons heart. If you have a better method that you are using, please tell me and I will try your method right away. If not, I have proven the use of tracts for over 59 years. If you are not getting the gospel to that waitress, that clerk, that person who comes to your door, to everyone God puts you with for a few moments, you ought to find a method and do it for that is the only way we are ever going to change this world. At the judgment seat of Christ you will be glad you did or wish you had!


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