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2 Kings 6:24 tells a most fascinating story. "Ben-hadad king of Syria gathered all his host and went up and besieged Samaria." The famine was so bad that a donkey's head was sold for a fortune and doves dung for another fortune. It almost turns our stomach just to think of eating such filth. Multitudes are feeding on worse filth than that on the television. So many are concerned about water pollution and air pollution but what about the moral and spiritual pollution that is spewed out and eaten by a great host today.

Then we have the story of the two women who ate one of their sons with the intent of eating the other's son the next day because the famine was so terrible. You wonder how they killed the son. Did they strangle him, or stab him to death or choke him to death? It is a terribly chilling thought alone. We cringe at even such a thought. And yet millions of babies are killed in the womb of a mother and the thought of the partial abortion where the baby is killed by stabbing it in the head as it comes from its mother womb is almost inconceivable. 

In Chapter seven we have the account of the four lepers who reasoned it would be better to give themselves up to the enemy rather than just sit there until they died. When they headed into the woods to surrender they found the soldiers had fled when God made them to hear the noise of horses and chariots and a host of people. They left tons of food and the lepers gorged themselves. Finally one came to his senses and said in verse 9, "We do not well: this is a day of good tidings and we hold our peace."

They went back into the city and told them all about the food and the whole city came out and were saved as they found plenty to eat. 

There is a desperate spiritual famine in the world today. We who have "tasted and seen that the Lord is good" know where this world can find the "bread of life" and yet we too "hold our peace" and "we do not well." They woke up and said "Come, that we may go and tell" the good news. Just one question, with whom have you shared to good news today, this week, this MONTH?. Oh dear people, WE MUST "GO AND TELL."

"We treat the gospel like it is castor oil. We know people need it but we think they do not want it"

Remember, God loves you and so do I, all because of Calvary, sumner


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