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God's Simple Plan To Witness

1. Believe God: "The harvest is plenteous." When I hear people talk about how hard people are and no one wants to hear, I know they have not been planting very many seeds. I am overwhelmed at how people are so open to hear the gospel. Oh they don't all get saved but I am amazed at how many do.

2. Ask for souls- You have not because you ask not! James 4:2. Please don't be carnal or judging me when I tell you I pray for souls EVERYDAY and I am sure that is the main reason I see so many come to Christ. You can too.

3. Obey God. Be like Peter who said, "We have toiled all night and caught nothing, nevertheless, At thy word, I will" Lk 5:5 and he caught the biggest catch of his life. "Preach the gospel to EVERY person you possibly can. Good gospel tracts are the best way to plant seed and open the door to share the gospel that I know. If you have a better way PLEASE tell me. Everyone cannot get on TV and preach the gospel. Nor on the radio nor in a pulpit but everyone can graciously offer a tract to the waitress, clerk, salesman or anyone at your door. Just today, I saw again the lady I gave a tract to last week and she got saved reading the tract and receiving the Lord Jesus in her home. She is still bubbling over with the joy of her salvation.

4. Give the gospel, the good news, how Christ died for our sins, paid our debt in full, was buried, rose again and was seen by hundreds of people. PLEASE don't talk to them about church or religion or doctrine, just give the gospel, if they are not interested, just thank them and leave them alone. Just look for the ones God has ready.

5. When you see someone saved, remember "there is more joy in heaven over one being saved than over 99 who are already saved." Someone has been praying for them a long time, they will be rejoicing. It will fill you with more joy than anything else you can ever do. Rejoice and thank the dear Lord. Now do it all over again with the next person you meet. Make sense?

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