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Witnessing Experience

Recently, I had one of the sweetest experience of my life. Celeste and I and another couple went to a historical museum. A young man about 25 years of age with a badge on was obviously there to help with directions. When I asked for some directions it was obvious he had a quite handicap in movement and talking, as he tried to give me my answer. As I thanked him I graciously offered him the "Mickey Mantle" gospel tract. He thanked me as I left.

Some ten minutes later I saw him again and was moved by God to talk to him further. When I asked if he knew for sure he was going to heaven. He answered immediately that he did not. Slowly I told him how when I was 17 I had never heard that God loved me. Then I told him how God loved him and sent his Son the Lord Jesus to die for our sins, pay our debt in full, paid our way to heaven and rose again.

When I asked, he assured me he understood what I had told him and it made sense to him. When I then asked if he wanted to receive the Lord Jesus as his Savior, he said, "I sure would." We bowed our heads and he prayed out loud with me to receive the Lord Jesus. Carefully I went over John 3:36, my pet verse I used to help people have assurance of salvation, "He that believeth on the Son hath every lasting life."

Haltingly and with emotion he assured me he understood it and knew he was going to heaven. It was beautiful. I went to get my friend John and introduced him to David. When I asked him if he could tell John what he had just done, his handicap obviously showing, he told John how he had prayed and received the Lord Jesus and knew he was going to heaven. John really rejoiced with him. Later I brought my wife and John's wife over and he told them as well, how he had just gotten saved.

Remember how the Lord Jesus told us to get the "handicapped" and bring them to Him Luke 14:21. My heart was leaping and weeping for joy inside as this obviously handicapped person came to know the Lord Jesus. By the way there was great joy in heaven at the same moment.

"The common people heard him gladly" Mark 12:37 and also the handicapped! Don't pass them up, there is a great harvest waiting to be reaped out there.


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