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The Approach - Your Testimony
Acts 26

PAUL used his testimony to open the door for witnessing! Two occasions are recorded in Scripture--one in Acts 22, the other when Paul was before Agrippa in Acts 26.

Paul was tactful and respectful in his approach. In his The Acts o! the Apostles, Dr. Charles C. Ryrie comments, "This was a remarkable speech, for in it Paul showed great tact and courtesy, yet he was pointed and truthful. There are at least four personal appeals to the king himself (vv. 2, 13, 19, 27)." A Spirit-filled soul winner will show the fruit of the Spirit which is love, and love is kind (I Cor. 13:4).

First Paul told what he had been before he met Christ: "That after the most straightest sect of our religion I lived a Pharisee" (v. 5). He not only told the good things graciously but also the bad. His attitude toward the Christians: "I persecuted them even unto strange cities" (v. 11 ). He did not overly stress his goodness nor try to make himself worse than he was. He just stated the facts. His testimony was relevant, for the Jews should have realized he was no outsider but a sincere, faithful Israelite.

What a pattern for witnessing! Several things in a testimony easily lend themselves to witnessing. Tell with genuine joy and enthusiasm what Christ means to you personally. Even unsaved church members will see a definite difference and want the reality you have. To speak of your assurance of salvation can cause those in doubt to search their hearts or ask questions. It is important to tell how you came to know the Lord and to present the gospel, for you may not have another opportunity.

A student went to a rescue mission asking the Lord to let him lead someone to Christ. His only part in the service was to give his testimony. At the close he was asked to counsel. As he went into the counseling room, a man looked up and said, "Your testimony is the reason I'm in here"; and the student led him to Christ.

Many people have never entered into the joy of winning someone to Christ simply because they have never tried the door. Share your testimony with others. It may be that the Spirit has prepared a heart to open to Christ.


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