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Isn't He Wonderful!
John 4:13.41

"Sir, give me this water that I thirst not" (John 4: 15). Would you like to have people asking you for the water of life? You can if you present salvation to be as desirable as Jesus did.

Only now does the Lord bring this woman face to face with her sin; and then he does it graciously as he tells her, "Go, call thy husband, and come hither" (v. 16). The much-used presentation, "Four Things God Wants You to Know," is very good. However, instead of starting on a negative note by telling a man he is a sinner, it should be preceded with the positive challenge of the advantages of being a Christian. It is tragic, but many have an idea that being a Christian means "don't do this," "give up that" and "stop having fun." And they want no part of it.

The woman faces her sin as she says, "I have no husband'' (v. 17). Jesus then brings before her the full extent of her sin (v. 18) and with the light dawning, she says, "Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet" (v. 19). Then He points her to Himself as the Saviour and Messiah (vv. 21-26).

She believes in Him and runs into the city to become a soul winner herself (v. 28). There was no follow-up or training. The woman did what comes naturally when Christ is received. She wanted others to know Him too. Her method was simple, "Come, see a man" (v. 29)-come to Jesus. Isn't He wonderful? Isn't He worth inviting people to meet? Those who heard her must have seen a wonderful change already in the woman, for they "came unto him" (v. 30). How wonderful that "many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman" (v. 39). No place is too hard to win people to Chris~ when there is a living demonstration of the power of God to transform lives. When should a Christian begin witnessing? Like this woman, the minute he receives Christ!

Did the disciples pass her along the way into the city? Could they have won her to Christ if they had stopped and talked with her? How many experiences have been missed because Christians do not buy up opportunities that are right beside them.


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