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I Am Not Ashamed
Romans 1:16

Silence is not always golden, sometimes it is plain yellow. To say with Paul, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ," should be the testimony of every Christian. Lack of witnessing to a lost world should be the shame of all Christendom. Most are like those of Jeremiah's day: "They were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush" (Jer. 6: 15). Where is the blush in our faces today that it takes one thousand laymen and six preachers to win a soul to Christ each year? Are we ashamed of our sin or of the Saviour?

No need to be ashamed of "good news," which is what the word "gospel" means. When I was a boy it was the ambition of every boy to become a Western Union messenger. Sometimes the telegram delivered was not good news. Our message today is good news. The best news in the world! And it is really "news" to most people: They just haven't been told!

It is the "gospel of Christ," good news about the most wonderful Person in the world! The good news that God loves man and Jesus Christ died for him. It would be easy to tell a neighbor that every bill he owed had just been paid in full by someone who loved him. With this attitude about sharing the good news of Christ, anyone can witness. Shortly after I was married, my wife and I went to my hometown. What a joy to introduce my wife to my friends. It was easy because I was in love with her. Can you imagine a Texan never mentioning Texas, or a new father his baby?

All are conscious of power today. We built a rocket with enough power first to get a man in orbit and now to get him to the moon, but the gospel is "the power of God" to get a man all the way to heaven!

This salvation is "unto everyone that believeth." This poor world knows so little about love, it is hard for men to believe God really loves them so much or that there is no catch to it. How wonderful that we don't have to be afraid that anyone will be disappointed in God or be mistreated by Him. This is great news. Never be ashamed of the gospel nor a shame to it. Let us go forth and broadcast this good news cheerfully.


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